What training had you done before training with Grant?

I had mainly done cardio, but through Body Pump classes and following a program in my gym, I realised I really enjoyed weight training and was getting good results from it.

What made you choose Grant Ford Fitness?

I realised I wanted to work with a PT as I started lifting slightly heavier and started to worry about my form and injuring myself in the long run. I looked around for quite a while to find a PT who was the right fit with what I wanted to do, which was "lifting heavy things" to get fitter and lose weight. Grant popped up on my Facebook feed and I stalked his posts and website and realised he was doing exactly what I wanted.

How does your training now compare to what you did previously?

My training is much more intense and focused and I really feel like I am making progress every week. Before, I felt like I was doing the same sessions week in, week out and not getting anywhere. I also push myself harder as, under Grant's guidance, I am confident that I am lifting correctly.

What results have you achieved so far?

I feel fitter and stronger and am losing weight. Day-to-day, I feel like my posture is better, I have more energy (no more mid-afternoon slumps) and generally everything is easier. Whereas before, after work I would be completely exhausted and not want to do anything, I now find it really easy to get to the gym, go for a walk or just get up and do something.

Would you recommend training with Grant?

I would definitely recommend training with Grant. His approach is fantastic, I have previously been plagued with injury and Grant is helping me get to the root causes of the injuries, and also working to prevent future problems by working on my mobility and movement.More importantly, I absolutely love my sessions each week. Grant is incredibly supportive and not one of those terrifying "shout at you to make you work harder" or "shout if you miss a session" trainers. Instead, he is really encouraging and when I progress, or lift something heavier than I did the week before, he is as excited as I am! I always come out of the sessions buzzing and I have really started to see some changes in my body. As well as the sessions together, Grant gives me a program for the rest of the week. The sessions are varied and challenging and I always feel like I am improving week by week.

"Grant is an outstanding master of his craft, incredibly bright with a treasure trove of health and fitness knowledge. Grant is an incredible trainer, an expert in weight training and a master in all body movement exercises. Warm, welcoming with a relaxed personality that make workouts a pleasure. I was fortunate enough to have Grant as personal trainer in a 4 week competition, where he helped me  lose 17.5 pounds. His nutrional input also is a true measure of the complete trainer that he is. He’s the real deal in an industry full of mediocre PT’s and is the standard by which any trainer should be measured. Grant thank you for what you did, anybody would be better off with you pushing them all the way."

I’ve been training with Grant since July 2017 and I can honestly say I don’t ever think that I have felt so strong, moved so well or so confidently. I have had serious back problems since my mid 20’s which led to surgery in 2000 and left me wheel chair bound for a few months in 2015/16. Having rejected more surgery in 2016, I knew I needed to do something to work on my stability, mobility and strength to prevent any further excruciating back and nerve pain in the future. A good friend recommended Grant, particularly for rehabilitation and so I thought I’d see if he could help me.

What really impressed me immediately was the time Grant took to listen and learn about the problems I had experienced and how he recognised not just the physical but the emotional impact of my back condition. It’s easier to trust some-one when they take time to listen to your individual needs rather than just giving you the same routine as every other client.

Over the last 18 months, I have learnt so much about my body and how it moves, as well as how my head can get in the way of it moving even better. Grant has taken it slowly (he’s a patient man  :-D) and helped me to recognise, correct and improve movement patterns, not just those created by my back issues but by the daily routine of driving, hunching over a key board and a general lack of movement. He has taught me how each part of the body connects to the other parts and how I have to focus on everything to improve and move well. Grant has also shown me that rehabilitation cannot and should not be rushed – it must be done gradually with good form and under control.

The results are incredible. I am stronger, more stable and have greater flexibility. I deadlift (65kg so far), squat with and without weights, row, press, pull and hinge – bizarrely I love to hang. It has been really hard work at times, waking up muscles, especially those that support my lower back. What has really helped is Grant’s attention to detail and the sense that he genuinely cares – those wonderful moments when you hear him say ‘yes!!’ under his breath when reaching a new milestone. And these results aren’t just felt in the gym – they have impacted and improved my daily life. I think about how I lift the shopping bags, how I hold myself as I carry them into the house, how I walk, how I hold my shoulders as I type and drive, how I sit, how I stand. I move more often, I sleep longer and better and I am happier and more confident – and most importantly I am pain free!!

So thank you so much Grant, for your dedication, care and attention; for listening to me, for understanding, for encouraging me to form new habits and pushing me; for showing me I can, for inspiring me and for teaching me so much; for making me laugh, ignoring the colourful language and for the banter; for showing me I am strong and that muscle pain and hard work is ‘magical’. You are a top coach and I can’t recommend you enough. You will be greatly missed and I wish you and your family all the best in your new life in Australia

Training with Grant has made an almost unbelievable difference to some people who also see me for chiropractic care. The way that he tailors the programme to the individual and emphasises correct movement pattern before loading any exercise with weights helps people to make amazing and sustainable changes. Changes that make a huge difference to real life.

Jess Cox

Lymington, UK

Neil Cox

Chiropractor, Healthy for Life Chiropractic, Bournemouth, UK


Helen Wallis-Dowling

Lymington, UK

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What do clients say about Grant Ford Fitness?

Steve Van Puyenbroeck

Caloundra, QLD 

Lorraine Marshall 

Kawana, QLD

Matt Sanderson 

Owner Jetts 24/7 Gyms Caloundra and Kawana, QLD 

"I had the pleasure of interviewing Grant while looking for a dynamic personal trainer to join one of my Jetts 24hr Gyms franchises in Australia in mid 2014. Grant then joined our team at Jetts. My initial impression was that Grant was very passionate about health & fitness and on a journey to educate our members in many ways. I have been involved with many personal trainers over the last 10 years and after seeing Grant working with our members a new benchmark was set. Grant's approach to training was so infectious that I began myself training with him. Grant has a no BS approach to fitness - Focussing on movement, mobility and strength with progressive motivation to become a better you day by day. Grant is not about short term fad diets and trends but teaches the long term benefits of good nutrition, lifestyle and training habits. One of the main goals I achieved personally with Grant was a greatly increased range of motion through his mobility training which led to better positioning for deadlifts, front squats and even some progressive training to master a pistol squat! On a professional level Grant had an amazing impact on our business and our members - He educated, engaged and motivated them and even after he has left the members he impacted are certainly all the better for meeting him. To finish Grant is simply PASSIONATE and his thirst for continued education is motivating and inspiring. I am very fortunate to have had the chance to work along side Grant and the great opportunity to train as one of his clients."

Thanks Grant for helping me to change my life.
"Since Joining Grant Ford Fitness in April 2015, this is what has been achieved before Christmas 2015.

I have lost 15 kg, 2 dress sizes, my considerable couch time, a lot of negativity, a takeaway food diet, approximately  1.2 Litres Coke per day, my sedentary lifestyle and my loose clothes have all gone to Lifeline – there is no going back!

I have gained an Inspiring Mentor, strength, improved flexibility, improved cardiovascular fitness, a healthy diet, a happier mindset, good quality sleep, a desire to keep moving, a need for daily exercise, more of a focus on work/life balance, clear skin and the money I spent on Coke now pays for a house cleaner!

I have not needed to take  oral steroids for asthma in 8 months, including ALL of winter – which is the first time in 6 years!!!!!

I now have an understanding that there are no short term quick fixes: Exercise/Diet and Life Choices are a continuous journey throughout your life – not a 3 month intense program, for a short term gain